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YouTube improves its online editing suite

The new interface on YouTube’s online editing suite

YouTube has rolled out a bunch of enhancements to its video editing suite that it launched almost a year ago, which could be useful to filmmakers when they need to post footage on the fly and want it to look at least half decent.

One of the improvements to note is a new real-time preview that shows edits and filter options as you play, handy if you want to see if your edit cuts the mustard. The new-look interface has been simplified with less bells and whistles and designed for, well, anyone to use.

Personally, if I were going to edit online I would probably use the Vimeo editor, for a quick touch-up, but if you do find yourself posting straight to YouTube then these new tools are a welcome addition.

“Last September we introduced editing tools for YouTube videos, allowing you to auto-stabilize footage, tweak the color balance, and more. You’ve used these tools on millions of videos each month, so today we’re making these tools even faster, easier to use, and more powerful,” says the official announcement on the YouTube Blog.

To access the tools got to Video Manager > Edit > Enhancements.

Curiously, and something to watch out for, YouTube only allows you to edit your original video up to 10,000 views, beyond that you have to duplicate it under a new name to continue your edit. Why? I don’t know – but it would be nice to achieve 10,000 views.

Have you used the new editing tools? Please let us know what you think.


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