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‘Why Omnivision’s sensors will be in the iPhone 5 – not Sony’s’

A report out today from the financial analysis website Seeking Alpha, suggests that the rumours circulating the internet about Sony providing image sensors to the new iPhone 5 is incorrect.

Omnivision Technologies Inc (Nasdaq: OVTI) is the leading maker of CMOS imaging sensors for smartphones, iPads and digital still cameras. Omnivision has been a key player in the Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) supplier food chain because Omnivision sensors are in the popular iPads and iPhones.

On 4 April, 2011, a rumor that Sony (SNE) might have won the socket for image sensors in the iPhone 5 caused OVTI shares to decline 8% (after being down over 12% intraday). The stock continued to decline (along with the market at the time) to $29.79 this week – a loss of 21% since the Sony rumor.

Read more here for responses to the rumour.

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