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Vine now allows users to edit and save video clips

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Vine: more video fun in 6 seconds

Popular video looping app allows creative users to save their clips for later

Vine, the incredibly popular 6-second video looping app, has announced  an interesting new feature called ‘sessions’ that allows users to pause a clip and save as a draft for later use.

Available on iOS and Android, and coming soon to Windows Phone 8, Vine has over 40 Million users and a cult following of dedicated users such as comic Reggie Watts.

Vine’s iOS director Ben Sheats said in a blogpost:  ”Vine was built for one purpose: to make it easy for people to capture life in motion and share it with the world. That is the reason we built the Vine camera, and it’s why we continue to improve upon and build new tools for your creations, nurturing the balance between power and simplicity that you’ve come to expect from us.

“We think these features offer new ways for people to express themselves and their creativity.”

Up to 10 sessions can be stored at once in the app and can be added to or edited at any time. Another feature called Time Travel allows the reorganising, removal or replacement of any clip within a video post before it is published.

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