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Vimeo’s new Iphone app a massive hit with users

The Vimeo iPhone app is here! from Blake Whitman on Vimeo.

It has been a long time coming but the new Vimeo iPhone app is well worth the wait.

The video-sharing site is becoming the place for smart film-makers to showcase their work and they will be impressed with the free app that not only shows video while on the move, but also with the facility to shoot and edit videos from the device.

This is a significant threat to Apple’s own iMovie app, which costs, $4.99, and a very useful tool for smart film-makers. There are other free editing apps such as Splice of course, but the Vimeo app will allow the user to upload, manage, edit and watch videos directly from your iPhone; how cool is that?

Tech website Gigaom described Vimeo’s editor in its Apple blog as, ‘a simple video editor built into the Vimeo app… lets you add simple titles and text to the clip, create transitions and add a soundtrack. It’s a pretty bare bones editor, but it’s also one that works remarkably well considering it’s not even the primary purpose of the app. It feels like you could do a pretty great job of shooting, editing and publishing simple, impressive short videos all without ever even leaving Vimeo’.

While YouTube adopts a policy of allowing anyone to post videos regardless of quality, Vimeo has attracted a more discerning audience and users, catering more to visual artists and differentiating its content.

Judging by the comments on the new app on Vimeo’s site, it is already proving a massive hit with users.

Vimeo, you are forgiven for the wait.

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