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Vimeo to start rewarding its makers-creators

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Vimeo Creator Services will allow filmmakers to start charging for their films viewe on the video sharing website

Video hosting-sharing website to include pay-per-view service and a ‘tip jar’ to help filmmakers get paid for their work

How much do we smart movie makers love Vimeo? Not only is it the best video hosting/sharing website for makers-creators, but now it is going to start paying them too.

In a blogpost by staff writer Blake Whitman a couple of days ago it announced Vimeo Creator Services, ‘a new suite of simple, powerful tools to help creators make more money for doing what they do best: entertaining us, engaging us, baffling and outright dazzling us with amazing work’.

These services include Tip Jar, which allows viewers of your work to show their appreciation with small cash payments. For example, explains, Whitman, “when Vimeo Plus or Vimeo PRO members activate Tip Jar on a video, viewers will see a ‘Tip this video’ button below the player on a video page. They enter their tip amount and credit card information, and you get paid. Simple!”

The Pay-To-View Service will be introduced  early in the new year in beta with a limited set of feature films for Vimeo Pro subscribers. When the full version goes online video creators of all types will then have  the flexible tools to charge for access to their videos, with no coding required.

“We can’t say too much at the moment, but we can promise you’re going to like it. Look out for some cool demos of the service as we get it ready for launch to the whole community. Get psyched,” says Whitman. “Creators are the blood coursing through Vimeo’s veins. Serving you is, was, and always will be, our highest priority,” he says.

“This is a smart move for the company, which has recently broken into the top 10 of web video destinations. It is a good way for the company to keep attracting independent video content creators,” says Gigaom’s Om Malik.

Malik has also taken a more in-depth look at Vimeo and its future prospects, speaking with Kerry Trainor, Vimeo’s new CEO. What Mac was to the PC, he wants Vimeo to be with the likes of YouTube, says Malik.

“What makes Vimeo different is that it is the high-quality platform for creative people,” Trainor  says in the article. “That quality, is across the board — technical, user experience and even the video player. But most importantly, [it’s] the content. The visual impact of the work and the narrative is very important to us as a company,” says Trainor.

Read Malik’s article in full: Slowly and steadily Vimeo hits its growth stride

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