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Vimeo introduces rating system to filter videos

All videos on Vimeo will now have a little badge next to their title: 'All Audiences;, 'Mature', or 'Not Yet Rated'.

All videos on Vimeo will now have a little badge next to their title: ‘All Audiences;, ‘Mature’, or ‘Not Yet Rated’.

Vimeo has introduced a new content rating system for user-uploaded clips. While some people are unhappy with the move claiming its smacks of censorship, many in the creator-maker community seem to be relaxed about it, judging by initial comments

As of now all videos on the site are labelled ‘All Ages,’ ‘Mature,’ or ‘Not Yet Rated’. Videos that feature risque content or violence will carry a mature rating, for example.

In a staff blog by Paul Simoneschi, Vimeo justify the move as thus: “As the home for exceptional original videos and the people who make them, we have an unflinching belief in the integrity of visual storytelling, including – in some cases – material that may make some viewers uncomfortable. But the truth is that one cannot ignore the naked, the violent, and the swearing when striving to capture the breadth of the human condition. Uncomfortable subjects, even discomfort itself, are essential components of our shared experience, and artists need the freedom to express them.”

Eventually, the video-hosting site says it wants to implement a filtering system that will return only results deemed appropriate by each user and the  ratings are just the “first step” of a plan the company hopes will make its service accessible to all age groups.


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