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Vimeo drops editing tool from its iPhone app

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Screenshot from animated video demo of the new iPhone app from Vimeo

Video-sharing website streamlines its smartphone for faster filming, browsing and uploading

Significant changes to the Vimeo iPhone app, which has been redesigned in-house entirely from scratch, means that the editing function has been removed.

The rationale behind the update is to create a simplified version for the iPhone only, and does not include Vimeo’s iPad app.

At the core of the new iPhone app is a steer away from trying to recreate the desktop version on the iPhone. The editing function went when Vimeo realised it was not being utilised and was seen to bog down other parts of the app.

The new app now features a more streamlined interface which allows users to quickly shoot and upload videos then share them via social media.

What looks really neat is the ‘accelerated uploading’ feature that starts as soon as the user enters metadata such as video title and description. Uploads can be paused and restarted, so if you lose connectivity the app will automatically start uploading your video once a connection is re-established.

The Video browsing and viewing parts of the app have also been improved to make navigation much more easier.

“Vimeo’s high-quality video platform continues to expand across smartphones, tablets, desktops and connected TV’s,” said Kerry Trainor, Vimeo’s chief executive. “The new Vimeo iPhone app empowers our users to easily upload their videos to Vimeo for instant sharing and beautiful HD viewing on Vimeo-enabled devices.”

• Download the new iPhone app

Check out the Vimeo demo:

Vimeo for iPhone: We just birthed a new app from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.

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