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Vigour raises €500k funding for multi-screen video technology

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Vigour Video is 3-6 months away from being ready for release

Dutch startup’s debut app helps people browse on mobile devices then watch on their televisions

• Check out the demo here:

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Dutch firm Vigour is the latest startup exploring how tablets, smartphones and televisions can work together more effectively, starting with an app, Vigour Video, that runs across them all.

The company has raised €500k of seed funding (around £428k) from Deutsche Telekom’s hub:raum incubator and venture capital firm Linden Mobile Ventures, while publishing a video showing off its technology.

It certainly has the right buzzwords to perk up investors: "Vigour has created a development platform to build connected applications that run on any device — converging multiple interfaces into one fluid experience through the cloud," explains its website

Vigour has an attention-grabbing web demo called Puck that gets you to visit from multiple devices then sling a virtual puck back and forth. But its real showcase is Vigour Video, which

"Vigour Video is a customizable app template for media companies that want to give their viewers the best possible way to enjoy their video content," explains the website.

"As a user you can use your favorite mobile device to swipe through videos, while additional content is instantly shown on your big screen. Once you find a video you want to watch, you play it on the big screen and use your mobile device as a remote controller or to browse for your next movie."

A PandoDaily interview with Vigour throws up Netflix as a "dream customer" for Vigour Video, which is slated as being 3-6 months away from launch.

It would hardly be surprising if Vigour sees Netflix and other large technology firms with an interest in streaming video to multiple screens – Apple, Google and Amazon as well as big telco companies – as potential acquirers of its technology, rather than just customers.

Vigour is part of an emerging trend for technology that goes beyond the initial, simplistic theories of "second-screen" entertainment, which relied on the first screen being the television, and the second being either a tablet or smartphone.

It’s more accurate to suggest that for a growing number of people, the first screen is whichever one they’re focusing on at a particular moment in time.

Google dug into this behaviour with its The New Multi-screen World report, published in August 2012. It identified two main ways people use multiple screens: sequential screening, where they move between devices, and simultaneous screening, where they use two at once.

A separate report from Google claimed that multi-screening is particularly popular among what market-research firm Nielsen describes as "Generation C" (the ‘C’ standing for ‘connected’), suggesting that they watch its YouTube service "on all screens, constantly switching between devices"

Vigour Video seems to be targeting both behaviours: sequential screening in the way it helps people find video on their mobile device then watch it on their TV, but simultaneous screening in its expectation that they’ll be browsing for what to watch next even as that video plays.

Vigour is just one of several startups in Europe and the Middle East trying to innovate around multi-screen video in 2013, alongside the likes of Magine, Stevie and Zeebox. © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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