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Video editing suite app for iPhone offers enhanced HD recording and live video broadcasting


The iVigilo Video Suite can create literally hundreds of different video effect filters

There are lots of video editing apps on the market for iOS devices, some definitely better than others but there’s a newbie recently launched that definitely deserves a closer look — and is aimed at the newbiefilm-maker.

The iVigilo Video Suite claims to be the first iOS 5 app to offer enhanced HD recording, live video broadcasting and real-timeimageprocessing of HD video images on a camera-equippediPhone, iPod touch or iPad. And that’s not all: the app also enables users to createHDtime-lapserecordingssuch as an incoming thunderstorm or the evolution of a remodeling project.

Naboo, the developers, have purposefully keptitnovice-friendly so anyone can use the iVigilo Video Suite for producing, recording, processing and monitoring HD live video images.

It looks a great little app for beginners who want more than just capturing raw footage with their cameras but would like to edit and manipulate the images.

The app’s Special features include:

• Video broadcasting, transmitting the live camera signal from the iOS 5 device to a web browser (which in effect becomes a monitor) and can be viewed by anybody anywhere with an optional login and password

• Remote camera access provides users with complete remote access and control over the device’s camera functionality through the iVigilo administrator website

Real-timeImageProcessing with digital zoom (1–6x) and editing controls, such as brightness, contrast, hue, tint, saturation and color temperature. Each image control can be mixed with others to produce literally hundreds of special effects. On an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch image processing can be previewed in real-timeand applied in post processing to an existing recording

• Full HD video camera, withadditionalTime-Lapserecordingmode, enables users to record the images viewed through the iOS 5 device’s lens

And, if you want to broadcast a live video feed from their iOS device, Video Suite comes with a built-inwebserver, which can transmit the live video signal to a secured web page. Users can require viewers to enter a login ID and password to view the video stream. Once images are being broadcast, recording of the video stream can be controlled remotely through the administrative website. Options include selecting the front or back camera, controlling the video quality, and On/Off controls for Recording, Flash, and Time-Lapsemode.

iVigilo Video Suite is available in the App Store for US$ 1.99

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  1. J b goode says:

    This iviglio apps claims are false… The app doesn’t allow audio to be recorded on the vid if you choose to apply real time filters, it then suggests that you use them in post processing!, also the tone and colour adjustments are filters and not true adjustments, the app also drops the frame rate when using these filters in hd, which makes the video playback very poor quality, the filters themselves are like those very bad ones that come on most free apps that destroy the vid quality in the same way that iviglio does… Overall I would say its one of the worst filter apps out there… Your review is totally biased and there’s no doubt in my mind that you did not try this app out before posting this …. And you were of course paid for the review by the developer… No credibility here.. Scam!!!!!!

    • Tony Myers says:

      Many thanks for your comment, you are right that I had not used the app fully before posting this article, but it wasn’t meant to be a ‘review’, more a preview. I didn’t claim it was a review. You are very wrong that I was paid by the developer, I can assure you that was not the case and my website is totally independent of all organisations. If ever I posted an article for commercial gain i would label it clearly as a ‘sponsored post’, but that is not my reason for founding My aim is to promote the work of mobile film-makers and highlight apps and technology that is available to them.

      I am sorry you felt misled, and had a bad experience with the iviglio app. Your comments have been duly noted and I shall take more care next time to road-test more thoroughly any apps that I write about.

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