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Turn your iPhone into a professional audio field recorder

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Wow, every now and again an app really stokes us and we think it should be on every journalist and film-maker‘s iPhone – today, let us introduce Pro Audio To Go.

While the iPhone 4S will record HD video no problem, there can be an issue with sound quality when filming on mobile devices, not any more it seems.

Pro Audio to Go turns your iPhone into a 48 kHz professional audio recorder for use on location by news reporters, journalists, documentarians, musicians, DSLR videographers, filmmakers, producers and editors, say the developers, Rev Up Transmedia.

“With a single tap on your phone, you can record an AIFF audio file in 48 kHz. Upload the file directly to an FTP server or email it, then download and instantly begin using it in your editing system’s timeline. No conversion necessary!”

“The new $30 iPhone app is designed for higher-endaudioapplicationsthan you’d typically think of for the iPhone, “says Ryan Koo from

Here’s the full feature set:

  • One tap to record professional quality audio
  • Record at 48 kHz AIFF
  • Customizepre-setsfor any microphone
  • XLR connection plugs into iPhone with purchasable cable
  • Customizepre-setsfor EQ and Gain controls
  • Email file or upload directly to FTP to your news bureau or editor
  • Drop AIFF audio file directly into your editing Timeline
  • Timer counts down remaining time (memory) on your iPhone in hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Access all your recorded audio files directly on the iPhone or through your iTunes account

“The app was developed the for CNN journalists who needed to record fast breaking news stories – so we made the app just one tap to record,” says Diana Weynand, president of Rev Up Transmedia.

“They use different mics at different times so we created presets on the EQ panel. Funny thing is,” she says, “using the iPhone’s internal mic with the Pro Audio To Go app gives you great results as well.”

Shirley Craig,  Rev Up Transmedia partner, adds: “Pro Audio To Go can even be used to record professional audio with a DSLR camera, and musicians are embracing it as the perfect way to capture a master recording using our custom Line In cable.”

• Have you got Pro Audio To Go, or are you using other audio apps? Tell us!


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