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Toshiba develops new image sensor for smartphones


Tech update time: smartphone cameras are getting better by the day, but some people are still not convinced they are good enough to consider shooting a movie on.

Well Toshiba has announced a new CMSOS image sensor (the thing that captures light in the camera and turns it into a digital image) designed specifically for mobile devices, allowing video to be shot in 1080p/720p format at 30/60fps (that’s professional quality) – and there is talk of a 1080p/1020p around the corner (not necessarily by Toshiba).

Toshiba says its 8MP/1/4-inch sensor has the smallest pixel size in the industry (1.12 micrometers) and backside illumination for improved light sensitivity and absorption. It is road testing the sensor with manufacturers this month and hopes to start mass production by the end of the year.

For more techie info read Toshiba’s press statement on the new sensor here (pdf).

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