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Top TV director turns to iPhone 5 to make his next feature film

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Caryn Ward Ross in a scene from iPhone 5 film The Affair

Indie Filmmaker Craig Ross Jr has teamed up with wife Caryn Ward Ross to make an experimental feature film exclusively on the iPhone 5

Top television director Craig Ross Jr,  best known for directing episodes of shows such as NCIS, Bones, and Prison Break, is moving into mobile filmmaking in a big way by making his next film on an iPhone 5 – and funding it via Kickstarter.

The Affair, which also stars his wife, actor/producer Caryn Ward Ross, is a film about infidelity and how far two people will go to heal their relationship.

Ross, who describes the project as a “a cinema verite expérience shot solely on the IPhone 5,” will use only natural light and a minimum crew on the shoot.

“The film is essentially an exploration of what we perceive true love to be, and what happens when your perception of that is fundamentally shattered,” Ross tells smartmoviemaking.com.

Ward Ross stars as Simone Waite, a woman on the verge of disaster in her marriage who meets a man who is at the end of his rope in his own marriage; and together they have an explosive, tumultuous affair that leaves their lives forever changed.

the affair, iphone 5

Filmmakers Craig Ross Jr, and Caryn Ward Ross

“We knew this type of story would be very difficult to tell through traditional Hollywood channels, and as a filmmaker nothing excites me more than bringing this cinema verite’ experience to light through digital elements that weren’t available three years ago,” says Ross.

The stylized, experimental feature film will be shot over a 10-day period in Los Angeles. A kickstarter campaign was launched on 23 July.

“This is a passion project where we are looking for ultimate creative freedom, and a direct collaboration with our friends and audience seems like the perfect fit,” says Ross.

Visitors to the Kickstarter page can learn more about the film (see trailer below), connect with its social media pages and donate to the project.

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