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Too cold for text? Stay warm without losing your touch

Christmas gift idea #1 Touchscreen Gloves that work with capacitive touch screen devices

Here in the UK we are still waiting for the onset of winter. But when the gloves and scarves weather really kicks in it brings its own problems. The snow; the ice; the biting cold winds; the transport disruptions; broken boilers and burst water pipes — all par of the course of a winter in this country.

And there’s another problem; how to use our mobile phones or tablets in the freezing conditions without getting our little pinkies cold?

Keep those fingers warm when using your phone

Well, help is at hand. Checkout these nifty ‘touchscreen gloves’ from UK company TouchAbility. They are especially designed with a conductive silver thread sewn into all the fingertips so you can use your touchscreens, without having to take off your gloves. Genius.

Not only is it a case of keeping your hands warm, but as many of you are no doubt discovering, capacitive touch screens found on many popular mobile phones, MP3 players and GPS devices do not work when the user is wearing gloves.

This is due to the way in which these devices use an electrical charge to measure the point of contact on the screen. Touching the display with a finger causes a disturbance in the electrostatic field, and this change is measured by sensors behind or around the screen that can then identify the touch location.

However, most gloves are made of a material that acts as an electrical insulator, and therefore inhibits this effect, says a TouchAbility spokesperson.

I got hold of a pair, and they really do work – great for texting, calling up numbers, and also an absolute must if you are using your mobile device to film over the coming harsh winter months.

Yes, they are geeky, but highly practical, available in grey or charcoal colours and they are extra soft, thick and warm.

Perfect too, as a Christmas present for the geek in your life, even if it is yourself.

The gloves are available exclusively at the TouchAbility online store and cost £12.99, in medium or large sizes.

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