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Tom Cruise wants to show us how to make films on tablets and smartphones!

Tom Cruise, smartphone

Going mobile: Tom Cruise launches guide to smartphone moviemaking

A quick look at snippets of news from around the web has thrown up some interesting articles, so thought we would share them with you in our occasional ‘cheapshots’ round-up

Tom Cruise wants to show us how to make films on tablets and smartphones!

The actor gets a lot of bad press these days, but this looks like one of his better ideas and we applaud him for recognising such great talents as Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel from Majek Pictures and recognising the iPhone Film Festival. Way to go Tom. We are watching you closely.

#Aspiring2ActWriteDirect Series – Aspiring Mobile Filmmaker Guide Part I: Learn How to Make Professional Quality Films With A Smartphone or Tablet Computer

Do you aspire to be the next Spielberg or Scorsese but don’t have deep pockets to finance your film project? Never fear! With the right software, hardware and, of course, a camera, you can nurture your inner filmmaker. What’s that? You don’t have access to expensive film and editing equipment? That’s okay, with all of the advances in modern technology, and with the some relatively inexpensive equipment, you can create a professional quality video with your smartphone or tablet computer. are always good for a rumour that usually turns out to be accurate so we should pay attention to this headline on its website:

Rumor: The iPhone 4S Only Has 512MB of RAM

We hoped Apple had beefed up the RAM in the iPhone 4S, but those hopes may be dashed. Two recent unconfirmed reports suggest the iPhone 4S may ship with 512MB of RAM like the iPhone 4, not 1GB as expected.

Starbucks is not the same in the UK as the States, Fact. One of the reasons has been that to get free Wi-Fi in its coffeeshops here you have had to subscribe to a loyalty card. Not anymore, says, which is great news for the mobile-minded among us.

Starbucks brews up free, two-click WiFi in the UK

If your work environment consists of coworkers constantly yelling “venti half-caf red eye” across the ”office,” then you’ll be pleased to know that Starbucks has made it faster and easier to get online.

The Korea Herald, proudly proclaimed ‘that professional film directors are closely following new trends in digital technology, which are expected to emerge in greater diversity as smartphones go mainstream.’ And the paper takes a look at this ‘new’ trend in an article:

With smartphones, ordinary people can turn mundane life into cinema

BUSAN (Yonhap News) — Ordinary people presented iPhone-made shorts on the sidelines of the Busan International Film Festival over the weekend, demonstrating even a 12-year-old can venture into movie-making as the high-tech handset lowers the threshold.

Finally …

Steve Jobs’s other legacy — the sold-out poloneck

According to the guardian, the Minnesota Business Journal has reported that sales at local company St Croix have doubled over the weekend. The reason? Their black turtlenecks (AKA polonecks) were ­favoured by none other than the late Apple ­supremo Steve Jobs, who is said to have purchased two dozen annually. The $175 (£112) tops are currently out of stock on the website, but can be ­ordered, with $20 (£13) per purchase going to the American Cancer Society.

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