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‘The Woz’ digs the new Cycloramic iPhone app

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The Cycloramic app works best with the iPhone 5

The Cycloramic iPhone app, which uses the vibrate function to steadily rotate the phone while it stands on its end, creating a 360-degree video panorama in the process is creating a bit of a stir – not least in Steve Wozniak’s house as the Apple co-founder made a panorama of his kitchen and informed the developers the app was “unexpected, fanciful and useful all at the same time”.

The app was launched earlier this week by Anglo-French couple Bruno and Rebecca Francois and the genius element to it is that it doesn’t require users to hold the phone steady while rotating in a circle.

Cycloramic is compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, but the developers, who are based in the US, designed it for the iPhone 5′s lightweight form factor, which means the older models won’t spin as well. The phone must also be set to “Vibrate on Silent” and “Vibrate on Ring” to function properly.

While it certainly has novelty value, the app may have some uses for mobile filmmakers as when it rotates it records video – from either the front or rear-facing camera – and can be set to rotate up to three times.

The resulting video can then be saved to the camera roll and incorporated into a movie!

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