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The pixel-busting Nokia 808 PureView smartphone hits Europe

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The pixel-packingNokia808 PureView smartphone

Remember way back in February at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona when Nokia announced a 41-megapixel 808 PureView smartphone?

Well, it’s here (see Nokia’s promo video below).

A review by Rich Trenholm in CNET UK describes it as the ‘cameraphone equivalent of a pushbike with a howitzer on board’.

“The Nokia 808 PureView is probably the most powerful cameraphone ever, and certainly the most ridiculous. It’s a simple Symbian phone with a gigantic 41-megapixel snapper  – the cameraphone equivalent of a pushbike with a howitzer on board. I suspect that Nokia is showing off its camera technology rather than planning to actually sell the 808 PureView, and even beyond the headline-grabbing41-megapixel figure, there’s a lot of cool camera technology to get excited about,” he writes.

Nokia has announced that the 808 PureView will run on Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 by the end of the year, but it is the 41-megapixels camera that has people talking now.

The 808 PureView provides a default 5mp image, but according to Nokia its enhanced digital zoom and larger image sensor allows you to scale up your images to a whopping 7728 x 5368 pixels –  41mps – if you so wish.

Nokia’s 808 PureView’s also comes with a Carl Zeiss Optics lens that records up to 1080p resolution high-definition video, with custom set-ups and silent zooming while filming.

As Julie Blaustein reports in a New Domain, ‘this 41mp sensor is about three times larger than the sensor on most pro-level compact cams. All those pixels translate into ultra-sharp images and the capability to zoom in – with total clarity and no noticeable visual noise.’

As we know, filming on smartphones in general offers fantastic video quality, but audio has always been an issue. Nokia has thought about that problem too (it really has spared no expense with this smartphone in an attempt to get back in the game) and has partnered with Dolby to bring ultra high-quality stereo audio recording.

While most high-end smartphones can only record without distortion to around 110db, the 808 is able to reach up to 140–145 db, claims Nokia.

That is about four times louder than conventional mics can record. And the manufacturer says the 808 PureView is also capable of recording low frequencies also without any distortion. With this sort of spec the 808 is approaching CD quality, which even the most sceptical critic will have to admit is pretty impressive.

So, for an equally eye-grabbing €661 is the 808 PureView worth it?

In Trenholm’s view ‘it’s a Symbian phone that feels daft with one overpowered feature, and feels like an experiment’.

More than likely we will see some of the features become available in other models from Nokia as it attempts to claw back its reputation in the smartphone market.

The Nokia 808 PureView is scheduled to ship in Europe throughout May with pre-orders available now.

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