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The new iPhone: bigger screen, encased in glass?

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Will Apple hire a team of crack glass blowers to build its next iPhone?

While Apple has a patent for a portable computing device made out of glass, it is unlikely to affect the next upgrade of the iPhone — however rumours of larger screens do have some traction …

Rumours of  a super-sized new iPhone or iPhone 5 similar in size to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with its 11.6cm (4.6”) screen are circulating the web, which we should take note of – especially if like me your contract on an ‘old’ iPhone 4 is due to expire in the next couple of months.

A larger display will be good news for those of us using our iPhones to make films or produce video content. The screens on the iPhone 4 and 4S is  9 cm (3.5”), so that would be a significant jump in size.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, smarthphone, 4.6" screen, Apple, iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone with its 4.6" screen

Reuters is reporting from a South Korean news source that “Apple has decided on the bigger 11.6cm display for its next iPhone and started placing orders to its suppliers.” Samsung are one of Apple’s suppliers, along with LG.

MacRumors, who are usually on the ball when it comes to keeping tabs on such developments, are saying a 4” (10.16cm) screen is more likely.

Either way it looks like the next generation of the iPhone will have a bigger screen. I am due to upgrade my iPhone in May, but will probably hang on until the autumn to see what Apple announce next.

For almost two years I have lovingly taken care of my iPhone 4 with not a scratch on it, until two weeks ago when I dropped it at a bus stop in London and the screen shattered.

Imagine my initial horror, but at least it is tempered with the fact it’s insured and is coming to the end of its life,  so I think I’ll get the screen replaced and keep it for a while rather than upgrade to a iPhone 4S.

But get this, especially if you have suffered shattered screen syndrome on an iOS device. Endgadget are reporting that “a newly published patent application from Cupertino indicates the company [Apple] is considering crafting portable computing devices out of glass. The app claims a ”substantially seamless enclosure. .. extruded in its entirety with glass material”.

Does this mean an all-glass exterior on iPhones or iPods, or even iPads? Who knows what Sir Jony Ive and his team are cooking up, they are probably recruiting a team of highly-skilled glass blowers as we speak to lovingly craft the new iPhones.

To complete this iPhone 4 rumour-related post (no, we don’t have anything better to do on a sunny Friday afternoon in London town) there are also reports of 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) on the next generation of iPhones.

But, seen as though the UK is way behind the curve for 4G accessibility we’ll ignore that one – for now.









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