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The new iPhone 5: expect a better screen and camera

‘Let’s talk iPhone,’ says the press invite to Apple’s eagerly anticipated media event set for Wednesday (4 October) at its home in Cupertino — and not San Francisco.

There is no mention specifically about an iPhone 5; there could be an announcement about a smaller version of the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S, yes. But no iPhone 5 announcement? No.

Those Apple teasers in the media department certainly know how to work a crowd, and let’s face it they are milking it for all it’s worth.

So the Apple iPhone 5 launch – here’s what to expect, according to Mashable Tech, one of the more reliable sources on the web, who have followed developments very closely over the past six months.

One of the main changes of interest to smart moviemakers will be:

Better screen and camera?

Here’s what Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff has to say on the subject:

“Apple’s Android competitors outshine the iPhone in the camera resolution and screen size department. On the latter, Apple’s retina display is smaller than many slab Android phones, but often approaches or beats them in resolution. If Apple goes with a larger screen, 8 megapixel camera and full 1080p video recording, it’ll need more horsepower to support all of them. The bigger screen, in particular, will also demand more battery power. Apple’s been very careful about battery life (it’s why it fought so long and hard against multi-tasking) and it may have to increase battery size and capacity to support a larger retina screen.”

iphone 5_cases

Rumour mill: cases for the new iPhone 5 were leaked on the internet

Of course this will mean a new redesign, what will it look like, nobody outside of Apple knows at this stage (although pictures of iPhone 5 cases have been leaked [RUMOUR]), will it be thinner, tapered, wider? Does a wider phone mean a bigger phone? I’m with Ulanoff on this: I like the size and shape of the current iPhone 4.

A faster phone?

Certainly the new A5 chip, will see to that. “We rely on our smartphones to do more every day; they simply have to get more powerful — as any good computer should, under Moore’s Law,” says Ulanoff.

He also speculates that Apple will also likely increase the amount and quality of RAM — which always has a big impact on performance.

Everyone agrees that these changes will be vital if Apple is to stay ahead of the game in the ultra competitive smartphone market.

Other changes included in the iPhone 5 are likely to be better voice recognition, more carriers (in the United States, so presumably the UK also?), what is not certain is whether the new iPhone will come with a NFC chip installed, turning your phone into a wallet, and will it run with a 4G data connection?

Guess we’ll have to wait to see what new Apple chief executive Tim Cook has to say on 4 October.

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