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The Beatles and Pink Floyd launch music apps for iOS devices

Beatles Yellow submarine ibook

© Subafilms Ltd

The Beatles release a stunning version of Yellow Submarine for free on iBooks, while Pink Floyd’s app features all the info on the band

Following in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix and Bjork, the Beatles and Pink Floyd are the latest bands to join the immensely popular and no doubt lucrative app market – except the Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ is not an app it’s classed as a book – and it’s free!

The iBookstore’s exclusive Yellow Submarine was created by Subafilms and features animated illustrations and text from the 2004 book, along with 14full-color video clips from the original 1968 film.

The ’book’ also includes audio clips of classic Beatles hits and Sir George Martin’s original score, original dialogue from the film, “read aloud” functionality to follow along as actor Dean Lennox Kelly narrates, as well as interactive features that let you tap the story’s wild array of butterflies, starfish and sea monsters to make them come alive.

The ibook was designed by Fiona Andreanelli using Heinz Edelmann’s original artwork from the film. The story has been adapted by Charlie Gardner from the film’s original screenplay.

Like the film, it’s a crazy kaleidoscopic, music-filledjourneywiththe Beatles to an underwater dreamland 80,000 leagues beneath the sea called Pepperland, a musical paradise where Sergeant Pepper’s band plays on until the music-hating Blue Meanies invade, sealing the band inside a music-proof bubbleand leaving it a silent wasteland.

The iBook/app can be viewed on any iOS device: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running the latest version of iBooks, which can support all the extras, listed above.

It certainly looks, well, fab, on the iPad. A must for any Beatles fan

● As a little footnote, after refusing to sell their music online for years, the Beatles finally struck a deal with Apple iTunes earlier this year and have since racked up sales of over 1.8 million albums and over 10 million songs.

Their catalogue is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

All in all it’s just another app in the store

Another band with an impressive back catalogue and an initial aversion to the online revolution is Pink Floyd.

This Day in Pink Floyd is the band’s official app and is the ultimate accompaniment to all things Floyd.

Pink Floyd music appIt contains thousands of music facts covering 365 days of the year, a guide to every one of the 167 studio tracks the band officially released, as well as more than 100 images, and loads of trivia and links.

It also has the facility to play your own Pink Floyd music from your iTunes library — and connect (via WiFi or 3G) to buy the tracks you don’t already own in your collection.

A cursory flick through the app found me stopping on 9 December 1971, when the band were in Decca’s studios in London’s West Hampstead to record The Dark Side of the Moon album. The building is now owned by English National Opera, a fascinating fact – and the app is full of such wonderful nuggets.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and iTouch and at £1.99 a pop it’s on the money.

The developers, also have a This Day in Led Zepplin app and are working on one for Bob Dylan.

● See the Pink Floyd app being demoed on You Tube

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