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Sticky case to keep your iPhone in place

Stickable Resin iPhone guard, iphone, cases, accessories, filming

The stickable resin iPhone guard, great for filming in the car

So, you’re alone, driving through the city and want to shoot a couple of scenes on your iPhone as background location for your next movie. It’s a tricky manoeuvre because you have to hold the camera up to the glass to avoid window glare, Blu-Tack will do the job, but you just don’t happen to have any in the car.

The solution? The Stickable Resin iPhone guard by Uguard.me, not only acts as a surface mount but also provides your expensive iOSgadgetswithanti-scratch protection.

Simple, but ingenious, and while the guard has a myriad of uses – you can stick your iPhone anywhere, on the fridge, for example – it’s the ability to use your iPhone to film in a hands-freeenvironment that are the obvious benefits to smart moviemakers.

The Resin iPhone guard comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee that it has the power to hold your iPhone against a glass surface for ‘a short period of time’. The set comes in a skin that the user applies to each side of the phone (except the screen, of course). To paste the phone on a surface, all the user has to do is make sure the case is clean and gently press the backside of the phone onto the desired location to keep it mounted.

It won’t stay on forever of course, but certainly long enough to film a couple of scenes.

As a bonus, the skin also protects your iPhone from scratches and adds extra grip – handy if you find yourself filming in an extreme location. The makers claim the Resin guard is made with top-quality, durable, and an anti-UV material for superior protection – and it peels off easily without leaving any gunk behind on your precious iPhone.

The Resin set is selling for €15.50 ($20), available from the Uguard.me website.

See how it works in the video below.

• Let us know if you invest in a set, or have other tips for keeping your iPhone secured to a surface while filming.

• Source doc: The Resin skin temporarily mounts your iPhone onto any glass surface/DigitalTrends

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