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Star in your own bank heist movie at the Brighton Digital Festival

Blast Theory: A machine to see with

Have you ever wanted to rob a bank?

That’s the enticing message in an email those crazy guys at cutting edge arts organisation Blast Theory sent me.

My answer is yes on numerous occasions, particularly at the end of the month when the dosh has run out. Although I have a grudging admiration for guys like Mesrine, I don’t really have the, erm, balls to point a pistol at a bank clerk and shout ‘stick ‘em up’.

Here’s where Blast Theory come in. Their locative cinema piece, A Machine To See With for pedestrians and their smartphones, had its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Festival, but it runs throughout September at the Brighton Digital Festival, which opens this Thursday (1 September).

A Machine To See With uses a specially designed location app for players to get involved in an interactive heist movie on the streets of the city. Blending secret missions and high adrenalin it mixes thriller clichés with the reality of the urban environment and explores the tyranny of choice and the financial crisis.

Sign up online with your mobile number. On the day, you receive a call, arrive at your allotted street corner and receive instructions. From hiding money to meeting up with a partner in crime, it’s up to you to deal with a bank robbery and its aftermath.

A Machine To See with comes to Brighton via Edinburgh and following sell-outseasons in the United States at the Sundance Film Festival and the Walker Art Center.

I’m in – who else is?

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