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Smartphones vs digital cameras and how to keep your lens clean

Smartphones such as Motorola’s Droid, T-Mobile G2x and Apple’s iPhone 4 are taking on digital cameras – and as we know, along with the Nokia N8 they are also producing amazing video footage that rivals camcorders.

So when TechnoBuffalo’s Mike Periman woke from a nightmare where he envisaged a world without a dedicated digital camera or camcorder, he decided to fight back and wrote a stirring defence of digital cameras that throws up some very valid points.

Read his article here.

Keep your lens clean!

If you are shooting video or taking pictures from an iPhone 4, it makes sense to keep your camera lens clean to prevent fuzzy images.

Thanks to Rick Broida at Cnet for offering this tip:

While dust and muck are easy to spot and clean, make sure your lens is not covered in fingerprints. The iPhone 4 lens sits flush on the back so it is easy to finger when pulling out of your pocket for example. The lens on a 3G is in a recess, which may help keep it cleaner.

To clean the lens on an iPhone 4, use a piece of soft cotton or a microfiber cloth and a blast of your breathe for moisture – and hey presto! Crisp and clean images.

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