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Smartphone films needed to promote ‘ring of peace’ around the world

peter ferris

Irish filmmaker Peter Ferris

Northern Irish filmmaker Peter Ferris plans to take documentary to next month’s SXSW Eco Conference as part of a global peace initiative

An event to promote world peace by 100 ‘messengers’ making a chain ‘phone call’ from 40 countries will take place online on 4 October 2014.

The results will be included in a smartphone documentary of the journey that will be premiered at SXSW Eco on 8 October.

“We want to prove that individuals can make the world a better place,”  said co-organiser Peter Ferris, a Northern Irish filmmaker who is producing the documentary and taking it to Austin for the SXSW Eco conference.

He says that “anyone, anywhere in the world” can suggest a message of peace. “We need one sentence in English from individuals speaking into their mobile phone while being filmed by a friend on another camera phone. Their message will then be included in a three-hour ‘phone call’ that will go around the world as part of the documentary.

Ferris and his co-organiser Robin Dunseath attended the same Belfast school in different years and grew up during The Troubles. The idea came about after Dunseath wrote an article in the school magazine asking how best to promote a lasting peace in the world.

With recent events in Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq and Syria dominating the news Ferris say he wants to reach out to the civilians, either those witnessing or have witnessed conflict directly, or simply those concerned about global peace in general, and giving them a voice.

Talking of the Ukrainian conflict, Ferris says that “every civilian says they desperately want peace but the fighters on both sides believe a cease-fire wont hold for long, so there’s a positive and a negative coming out here – and we want to give voice to the positive.”

In the centenary of the start of the first world war, Ferris hopes that new smartphone technology will inspire people to make a lasting and worthy contribution to making the world a more peaceful place.

To make a contribution fill out the short form on the website and include your peace message and organisers will get back in touch.

• The final date for suggestions is Tuesday 30 September 2014, when 100 international judges will select the winning message of peace.

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