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Smartmoviemaker of the week: Chris Arnold

Shot entirely on the iPhone 4s

Australian photographer and videographer Chris Arnold shows what can be achieved with the iPhone 4S in a gem of a film that captures the fun and spontaneity of shooting on the mobile device — to great effect.

Add an awesome soundtrack (Tessa and the Typecast), and a few effects on Final Cut Pro 7 and this is the result.

Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold

As Chris says in his production notes: “It’s hard to believe that this came out of the iPhone 4s. But it absolutely did, every single shot. The depth of field works wonders on it, and the quality is so clean. The footage has a slight colour grade put over it in Final Cut Pro, but it’s the same grade I’d put on any footage shot on my 7D. The colours are so good straight out of the camera there is very little you need to do.”

He was also inspired by this film from his friend Benjamin Dowie:

Both films clearly show the cinematographic qualities of the iPhone 4S, now all we need is a script …

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