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Save space and stream videos and smart movies to your iOS device

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The Air Video app allows you to watch films, TV series and smart movies on your iPhone or iPad without having to store them on the device

A big thank you to Cult of the Mac website for drawing our attention to Air Video, a wonderful little app that allows you to stream your videos from your Mac (or PC) to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

This is a great way to store your own smart movies to watch or show them off at a later date, while keeping the space free on your iOS device to shoot new footage.

The Air Video app also takes the hassle out of synchronizing other videos you may want to watch at a later date on your device -  you simply add them to a folder in the server on your desktop, and up they pop on your device.

The app will alsoconvertnon-Macor iTunes friendly formats to ones that work with OS platform.

We have downloaded it, and it works like a dream, although we haven’t yet figured out to connect to the server remotely.

In his article for CotM, Save Space And Stream Videos To Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips], Rob LeFebvre offers a concise guide to setting up the server and the app, but it really is quite simple. The app costs $2.99 from the iTunes store and once you have downloaded you are pretty much all set.

As LeFebvre says, “this solution should let you keep those big video files off of your smaller capacity iOS device, while still allowing you to watch them there.”




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