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Samsung Galaxy S4: should we be excited by its 13mp camera?

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 should be ready to ship in April

When it was launched last week, one of its headline-grabbing features on the Galaxy S4 was the camera upgrade from 8mp to 13mp, so what’s the problem?

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has upgraded its camera from eight to 13-megapixels, which certainly gives it a ‘wow’ factor, but without producing a larger image sensor for the new model, is it a case of what’s the point?

As’s Sascha Segan says in his review, Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy S4: “I’m disappointed about one camera aspect, though. While Nokia and HTC have gotten smart to the end of the megapixel race, Samsung seems to have just socked a 13-megapixel sensor in there, and I expect it’s not going to have the best low-light performance. I’ll test that, of course, but I’m tired of this continual run-up in resolution rather than actual image quality.”

Loading the camera with more pixels onto the same tiny image sensor, which is what Samsung has done on the S4,  is not necessarily going to give you great results unless you’re outdoors and the sun is up, for low-light shooting forget it.

A larger image sensor, like the one in the Nokia 808 PureView, would have been a better option rather than going for a headline-grabbing more megapixels wheeze. On the point of screen size; big is not necessarily better either.

“The rest of the changes in the camera are software related, and some of them sound pretty neat. There’s a Sound Shot mode that lets you record some audio to go along with your image. You can use this to take a note about the photo, or to simply capture some ambient noise from your environment to add to the atmosphere. This is something that will be especially popular at concerts,” says Jim Fisher, also writing in

“The Dual Camera mode lets you record stills or video with both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. How you arrange the dual images or video streams is up to you—split-screen is an option, as is a picture-in-picture type effect. You can even put a postage stamp or heart-shaped border around the inlaid image,” he goes onto say.

At 136.6 by 69.8 by 7.9mm, the S4 is the same height as the Galaxy S3 but lighter and narrower.

“The 1080p Super AMOLED HD screen felt very bright for an AMOLED, and the pixel density is so crazily high at 441 ppi that I can’t see anyone complaining about the PenTile subpixel layout. I certainly couldn’t see any flaws in the screen.” says Segan.

 The Galaxy S4 should be ready to ship in April with a £530 price tag for a sim-free version.

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