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Rock band record their third album exclusively on iPhone

One Like Son, iPhone

Stephen Poff from One Like Son laying down tracks on his iPhone

Moviemakers and photographers have been quick to embrace the iPhone, as we know, but up until now it had never been used to record a full album: up until now …

In the music world 10 years is a long time between albums, unless you are Kate Bush, so when Alabama-based rock band One Like Son returned to the studio last January to lay down tracks for their third album they noticed things had changed, just a little.

When they last recorded an album, iTunes and the iPod had not been released, but musicians were starting to record on their computers at home. Having missed the first digital revolution, One Like Son were keen to adopt latest technology so they threw out the desktop, laptop, eschewed the studio – and recorded their new album Start the Show exclusively on the iPhone.

And the band are impressed, so far, with the results. “I feel this is one of our best sounding recordings,” says frontman Stephen Poff, although recording the album on the iPhone was not as easy as he thought it would be.

His previousiPhone-recordingexperience involved experimenting on basicfour-trackapplications that allows users to record, then overlay four tracks of music to play together.

The four-pieceoutfit recorded music on their own iPhones and mixed the music together later. The tracks were shared using the popularcloud-basedstorage facility Dropbox.

One of the advantages of course is the band didn’t have to pay for studio time. “You’re not watching the clock and not so much worried about playing together,” says Poff. But he also says that one of the disadvantages was not being in the same room as the other guys. “We didn’t get to play together. It’s a little more tedious than doing that.”

He points out that while it is cheaper not to use a real studio, it is more difficult to move the tracks and lay them down together using a iPhone.

One Like Son used iPhone apps including  FourTrack, MultiTrack DAW, AmpKit and ThumbJam. The GuitarJack allowed the band members to record their music by plugging in real instruments and microphones to an iPhone.

“I think there are a ton of people that have been experimenting with it but at the same time there are a lot of easier ways to make a record than we did it,” Poff says.

Start the Show is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

In the past 12 months Bjork has released the first iPad album Biophilia and while on the road in the US Gorillaz also spent time recording a ‘music diary’ album on the iPad. The 88 also recorded Love is the Thing on the iPhone using FourTrack.

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  1. Stephen Poff says:

    Thanks for the write-up! Did you dig the songs?

    • Tony Myers says:

      Hi Stephen, yes, dug the songs, sounded great, sweet tunes. Best wishes and thanks for getting in touch. I’m in SF for a couple of weeks if you guys are playing in the Bay area? Tony

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