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Revolutionary software offers cloud-based, collaborative video editing platform

wevideo cloud editing

WeVideo is first cloud-based, collaborative video editing platform that captures content from any device so you can upload raw footage, edit, share and publish finished movies to social networks

We store everything in the cloud these days — music, data, pictures, files, films — which makes it great for those of us who are constantly mobile. But what about editing our movies in a cloud? You are kidding?

Well, WeVideo is exactly that -  a new online video editing platform that launched as a free beta in September and is now open  for subscription accounts from consumer videos all the way to HD commercial editing.

The new startup, based in Sunnyvale, California,  offers a freemium business model and provides 1GB of free storage with an export resolution of 360p for personal use.

One of its main selling points has to be YouTube integration, which means in addition to its own platform, WeVideo is now also part of the YouTube upload site.

Industry recognition for WeVideo’s innovation has been swift as WeVideo recently won the coveted ‘DEMOgod Award‘ in its Fall Awards and seen as a premier launchpad for emerging technology.

“WeVideo captures all your video content from any device and places it into the cloud,” said DEMO’s executive producer Matt Marshall. “Empowering people to take true control of their video content – and making video editing capabilities standard and accessible to anyone – will be the mantra of WeVideo as a new household name in the world of online video.”

WeVideo’s spokesperson, Oly Fernando Rillera, told that WeVideo’s goal is to change the way video is consumed online and in social networks.

“Currently 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute; however, actual video consumption has not grown at the same rate. WeVideo is about to change all this, simply by making story telling with video a freely available option. Although a cloud service, WeVideo does not fear comparison with download software products.”

It’s early days yet, but so far we like what we see — and the guys at WeVideo have promised us our only special demo; we’ll let you know the results in the new year.

In the meantime here is WeVideo’s YouTube promo:

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  1. Andy says:

    İm glad i stumbled on wevideo whilst doing a search for free online video editor that exports videos to youtube. Every video editors i find always keeps requiring me to download software before i use the editor. İ tried wevideo editor and its much better than youtube video editor and Jaycut editor thats closing down soon. We need a mobile video editor app for android phones one that works like wevideo.

    • Tony Myers says:

      Hi Andy, thanks for your comments, I have the iVigilo editing app, but I think it’s just for iOS at present. As Android smartphones become more popular for filming I’m sure we will see lots of editing apps soon. I will look in to it and write up an article. Here’s the link for ivigilo. – and best of luck with your projects.

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