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Review: Park Chan-wook’s iPhone film ‘Night Fishing’

Park Chan-wook iPhone 4

ParkChan-wooktests the iPhone 4 to its full capabilities on Night Fishing

Much has been written about the making of ParkChan-wook’s iPhone film Night Fishing (original title Paranmanjang) but up until now it has been rarely seen.

This is because Park scored another first by distributing his 33-minute film in South Korea’s cinemas, followed by a release on Vimeo this week.

Night Fishing is showing as part of the iPhone Film Festival (IFF), although it is not in competition.

IFF founder Ruben Kazantsev, who is busy sifting through submissions to iFF2 with judges, told that Wonsuk Chin, who won third place and best music video in iFF1, helped ParkChan-wookto fund Night Fishing.

“He helped me locate the film … I thought it would be great inspiration for our film makers. Park won the Golden Bear award for best short film at the Berlin Film Festival while competing withhigh-endcameras,” Kazantsev said.

As you would expect from the director of Oldboy, it is a rather surreal tale of a man doing a spot of night fishing who hooks an unexpected catch when he pulls a woman out of the lake.

The film starts with an avant-garde band playing in the countryside and first you would be mistaken for thinking Park has shot a music video. However the film soon moves into darker territory …

Watch Night Fishing (below) in its entirety to discover more about this groundbreaking film that reminds me of those old black and white Japanese/Chinese films from the 1930s that were shot with realism but told of dark or hidden fantasies.

And Night Fishing does become a tale of life and death from a ’traditional Korean point of view’.

Production values of Night Fishing are good, Park used his iPhone by attaching a Owle Bubo, and shooting through a 35mm lens. At times you can see the screen resolution struggling. When I watched it on my Macbook Pro full screen a bar flickered across the top of the screen intermittently, which was slightly annoying.

With the arrival of the iPhone 4S and its much improved camera and optic lenses, the quality can only get better. From a technical point of view Park’s Night Fishing will be looked on as a first and definitely a benchmark for filming on mobile devices.

As a film it shall remain timeless; it’s out there and as good a story as any that you will see this year.

Night Fishing doesn’t come with subtitles, perhaps it wasn’t intended for an international audience? No matter the visuals under Park’s direction tell the story more than adequately – so sit back and enjoy …


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● Winners of the 2011 iPhone Festival will be announced online on 19 October

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