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Quality not quantity is the theme for this year’s iPhone Film Festival

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IFF co-founders Ruben Kazantsev and Renata Rinyu

With just under one week to go until the submission deadline for this year’s iPhone Film Festival (IFF), co-founder Ruben Kazantsev reports a late surge in entries over the past few days. “This year will be hard, we have a lot of amazing films,” he says.

Speaking exclusively to smartmoviemaking.com from his home in Beverly Hills, Kazantsev says that in general submissions have been lower than previous years, “but that is not a bad thing thing since the quality of the films are the best they have ever been – in all categories.”

Kazantsev says the reason is down to newer models such as the iPhone 5S. “I knew this would happen, as the camera on the iPhone gets better and better. The quality of the films get better and better.”

Now in its fourth year, the IFF is the premiere online festival for films shot on iPhones and iPads – and the awards ceremony will take place online from the IFF’s base in Los Angeles.

“The winners will be announced in the same way online as we have done before. Once the clock goes 00:00:00 then the winners will be announced on the top rotating banner of the IFF website,” says Kazantsev.

This is a change from last year, when the awards ceremony was held simultaneously at the annual Macworld \iWorld in San Francisco. “We have not finalised that decision yet but don’t think it will work out this year. We are in the process of finalising a deal with a Chinese company which will take IFF and MFF to China hopeful at the end of the year,” Kazantsev says.

“This year we have been focusing primarily on finding the right partner to expand our market share, sadly that has pulled our focus away from sponsorships. But we will be back in full force for the next event,” he says.

Running adjacent to IFF is the Mobile Film Festival, founded by Kazantsev and his partner Renáta Rinyu for videos and films shot on other devices such as Android and Windows smartphones and DSLR cameras.

• The deadline for submissions for this year’s iPhone Film Festival is 14 February, check the IFF website for more details.

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