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Project your films direct from your iOS device

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The Pop Video projector, your iPhone sits on top and connects via the dock

Now here is a gizmo for the iPhone (and iTouch) we have come across that looks very handy for all you smart movie makers out there.

What happens next? You’ve made your film and you want to give an impromptu screening of it to a bunch of people, perhaps at a friend’s place; in the pub; at work; or pretty much anywhere with a flat surface.

Well, The PoP Video projector is a portable accessory that can be attached to your iOS device to project videos, photos and anything else on your phone you feel like sharing.

While this accessory adds some thickness to your iPhone, on the flipside it is extremely portable, will slip in your pocket easily enough and projects images with a resolution of 960 x 540 on any flat surface.

When attached to your iOS device, it also acts as a stand. The only downside, that we can see, is that you cannot project videos or photos directly from the stock video or photos app, instead you’ll need to use the PoP Video app.

There is, however, a custom projection settings that will allow you to adjust the projected image to your liking, by tweaking the colours, sharpness, brightness, and gamma until your movie is projected in all its full HD glory.

The accessory costs $99 and is available from the thepopvideo.com website.

Here’s a demo video — we want one!

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  1. Tony…if all my predictions from over a year ago come true today we need to celebrate because a new millennium has reached us and we are only 12 years into this one. Wow! Great stuff. You are my favorite researcher!

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