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Portrait of an artist trapped in an iPhone

Ronen's Adventure: Trapped in an iPhone from Ronen V on Vimeo.

As we are all aware there’s some pretty amazing work being made on the iPhone 4, but New York artist Ronen Verbit has produced one of the wackiest videos to date.

Using three split screens Verbit ‘traps’ himself in the iPhone 4 and performs a mime act to an Anton Karas soundtrack. The film was also shot on an iPhone 4.

The result is an extremely funny and clever five-minute performance piece that will become an internet hit – and deserves to be in this year’s iPhone Film Festival.

‘Ronen’s Adventure Trapped in an iPhone’ was written and choreographed by Ronen Verbit and Vanya Polunin, and made with the help of Thierry Van Biesen, Celia Rowlson Hall, Jordan Hall, Lauren Sieczkowski and Elie Bekhazi.

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