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Political thriller about South Africa’s AIDS problem to be shot on an iPhone 4S

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‘The film is first of its kind in South Africa,’ says directo Errol Schwartz

Director Errol Schwartz is using iPhones and crowd-funding for his next film about the AIDS endemic in his country

A South African filmmaker is making a film exclusively shot on an iPhone 4S to raise awareness of his country’s HIV/AIDS problem and the politics of pharmaceutical patents.

Written, produced and directed by Errol Schwartz, THE CURE is a short political thriller, set in the context of South Africa, about the politics of poverty, HIV and AIDS, and big-brand pharmaceutical companies versus generic drug manufacturers.

“We want to turn THE CURE into a feature film in the not-so-distant future. For that we need significant financial support. Our plan is to pique investors’ interest by shooting a shorter version of our feature film, with recognisable talent on board, on an iPhone,” says Schwartz on the project’s Facebook page.

Presley Chweneyagae,

Presley Chweneyagae

The film is set to star Presley Chweneyagae, of Oscar-winning film Tsotsi, and Odelle De Wet, an acclaimed South African actress.

“We believe shooting our short film on the iPhone starring Oscar-winning talent will be a compelling project, and a first of its kind in South Africa,” says Schwartz.

The plot of THE CURE revolves around an obscure young scientist who formulates the most advanced antiretroviral therapy drug – a cure for HIV and AIDS. It is a life-saving miracle for millions of people, except that this invention threatens the profits of a major drug company. Then the cure goes mysteriously missing …

“For big brand pharmaceutical companies, it is more profitable to keep people infected and relying on expensive treatments. But what if there was a cure? The film raises important questions on contemporary global issues,” says Schwartz.

As well as raising awareness about South Africa’s AIDS problem, THE CURE aims to democratise independent filmmaking by using crowd-funded resources and available equipment such as the iPhone.

“The production team hopes to show the struggling filmmaker and artist that they can broadcast their voice all over the world. The means to do it isn’t out of reach – it’s in their pockets!,” says Schwartz.


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