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Olleh International Smartphone Film Festival opens for submissions

Olleh Smartphone International Film Festival, Lee Joon-ik, seoul, south korea, smartphone, mobile filmmaking

Lee Joon-ik, film director and chairman of the Olleh Smartphone International Film Festival, opens last year’s event

South Korea’s hottest short film festival now has an international section as it celebrates its third year

The 3rd Olleh International Smartphone Film Festival is now open for submissions from all around the world, as the title suggests. Deadline for entries is 28 February 2013.

The Olleh was established in 2011 as the first smartphone film festival in South Korea and quickly gained a reputation as one of Seoul’s hottest short film festivals a year later. For its third incarnation its brief is to become a truly global mobile film festival.

To achieve this the Olleh wants to become a channel for not only established filmmakers, but also the general public and film students, and a new generation of filmmakers who are adopting smartphone and tablet technology to create visual and audio content.

It is backed by some of South Korea’s top filmmakers, and also offers mentoring programmes and filmmaking masterclasses for young filmmakers.

The Olleh also hopes to create a network of smartphone and mobile film festivals from around the world, and already has close ties with the iPhone Film Festival.

The awards ceremony takes place offline, in Seoul, from 17 to 20 April 2013, with digital screenings on 22 April and 19 May.

There will be live streaming of the awards ceremony via  U-STREAM service. Prizes in the international section include $4,500 for best film and a ‘latest smartphone device’.

Submissions are being accepted through the website’s English-version page for international filmmakers. See the website for more details, and keep coming back to for further updates.

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