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Ok Go’s new music video shows what HTML5 can do

Innovative US rock band OK Go, famous for their brilliantly choreographed music videos (they made their name with Here It Goes Again (above), have come up with another classic and this time it’s interactive, as long as you watch in the Google Chrome browser.

With the help of modern dance troupe Pilobolu, the video for their latest single, All Is Not Lost, features people creating kaleidoscopic effects and spelling out words with their bodies.

Google Chrome users can choreograph their own message to be generated by the band and dancers in human typeface as it takes advantage of HTML5, which is fast becoming the platform for 
artists wanting to produce great video and audio content for practically next to nothing.

Once again OK Go are leading the way, just not sure about all that Lycra boys!

Load Chrome and check out the band’s website here, type your message and watch it appear in the video. Sweet.

OK Go music video

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