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Nokia N9: the lowdown for smart moviemakers

Nokia N9 for smart moviemakers
As smart moviemakers we loved the Nokia N8 for its HD video capabilities and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound, so naturally we are interested in the brand spanking new Nokia N9, launched today.

While talk of the Finnish mobile phone maker’s latest device is all about the last to be produced using its Meego operating system before switching to Windows Phone 7, design-wise it looks the business for making movies on.

The N9’s unibody handset features no front-facing buttons, simply a pure glass screen – ideal for filming and viewing video – unlocked by a couple of taps and a swipe UI, making it ‘the world’s first pure touch smartphone’, according to Nokia.

As for hardwear, the N9’s 854 x 480 3.9-inch curved glass laminated AMOLED display could be a rival to Apple’s iPhone 4, apart from its pixel density: 251ppi vs Apple’s 326.

Nokia N9 smartphone

Throw into the mix a powerful 8mp camera with Carl Zeiss optics, HD video capture and a wide-angle 28mm Zeiss lens, and Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital Plus audio and you have yourself a very capable cameraphone.

Like its predecessor, the N8, it looks a good bet if you can’t afford an Apple.

Early reports say it comes with not quite aesthetically pleasing plastic body in cyan, black and magenta. There is also a choice of 16GB and 64GB Storage capacities.

Nokia abandoned plans in February to use MeeGo in its future smartphones, deciding to go with Microsoft’s Windows Phone as its future software choice

The Finnish company has led the smartphone market since 1996 when it launched the Communicator, but has lost ground to Apple iPhone and Google Android devices, and Asian rivals such as China’s ZTE and India’s Micromax.

The Nokia N9 is due on the market later this year.

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