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New York Rhythm (series), by Bronx-born Leyla T Rosario

New York Rhythm_Leyla-Rosario

A still from New York Rhythm

Young cinematographer documents her native New York City from the ground up with an iPhone, Canon and a bunch of attitude

This week’s smartmoviemaker is Bronx-born Leyla T Rosario, whose film New York Rhythm (Series) caught our eye on Vimeo.

A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Leyla is a creative producer, cinematographer, photographer, director, and writer and her new film is a video series that explores the heartbeat, motion, and pace of her native city.

Film-maker Leyla T Rosario

The first episode is an introduction to the series and in her production notes Leyla says: “When I take a moment to observe my surroundings, I become exposed to array of wonders. Life moves relatively fast in the big apple, so I decided to shoot this particular episode slow and steady, capturing the simplicity and beauty I see in everything. This video contains two years of documentation and transitions over various locations, landscapes, and experiences that occur during the day and night.”

There is no audio on this introduction to NYC and Leyla’s work; the sound is left to our imagine — a smart move as it allows the viewer to appreciate the artistry of the cinematography and we certainly see New York City in a different light — not an easy thing to do.

Leyla says she didn’t shoot this film exclusively on iPhone, a lot of the footage was shot with a Canon EOS, but still — who can tell?

New York Rhythms is definitely one to follow — here’s part one.

New York Rhythm (Series Introduction) from Leyla T. Rosario on Vimeo.

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