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New iPhone video app allows for ‘on-the-fly’ editing

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The new reShoot app ‘enables almost anyone to be a film producer’

reShoot App for iPhone and iPad features new mobile video camera technology to make it easier editing footage

A new video-editing app, reShoot, has been launched for iPhone and iPad that comes with a neat twist in that it allows ‘on-the-fly’ editing while recording with the ability to rewind and re-shoot unwanted portions of video on your smartphone.

Developed by Wally World Media, reShoot offers up patent-pending new mobile video camera technology with additional proprietary functionality that allows users to pause recordings (even when the app is closed), live preview of videos, record new footage into existing videos, and insert clips from the camera roll.

“We developed reShoot to solve two very significant problems with mobile digital video,” said Darin Myman, CEO of Wally World Media. “The first being that there was no easy way to correct a mistake without having editing skills. Our videoArc capability solves the second major problem, which eliminates all of the individual files that are created every time you stop and start recording.”

Myman explained to that reShoot’s videoArc function will enable users to add new footage to existing video recordings left on pause in the app or saved to the camera roll.

“This means that instead of capturing dozens of clips, videoArc provides a single video stream or montage that can be edited and extended, “ he says.

“There are no restrictions on video length other than the available storage of the device.  This feature makes it easy to organise videos captured at concerts, vacations, parties, sporting events, meetings and other activities.”

Users can also record and save videos of any length and post them to social networks and video sharing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The app even features an auto-pause function that allows users to receive a phone call while recording without losing the video.

“reShoot enables almost anyone to be film producer without requiring editing skills; and by doing this we have unlocked mobile video’s real potential,” says Myman.  “It is how we believe all video cameras should work.”

Here are the app’s key features, and there is also a demo video available to help you get up and running.

reShoot’s “on the fly” video recording and editing tools provide the following capabilities:

  • reShoot: Rewind and select the portion of video to erase and record over using the selector to nudge the reshoot bar to get a precise edit.
  • Insert reShoot/Video Commentary: Record new video into existing footage; add commentary to a video project using the front-facing camera, or even photo bomb someone else’s video moment.
  •  Insert Clip: Import a clip from the camera roll and insert it into any reShoot video.
  • Clippers: Cut out unwanted footage from any reShoot video.
  • Preview: Preview the whole video or just the last few seconds before the edit mark.
  • Pause Recording: Pause as often or as long as needed before resuming a video recording (even when the app is closed, the video remains available until it is saved or deleted).

• reShoot is a free app available in the iTunes store for Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 7. Download at

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