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New iPhone app that crunches data and saves users cash

data crunching app from onavo

Onavo's new data-crunching app

Here’s news of a great little app just released on the Apple app store by Onavo that allows iPhone users to save money on data charges, especially abroad, by crunching the device’s data so it doesn’t leach megabytes under your nose and end up costing you.

With data roaming charges an absolute rip-off, a ‘bill shock’ could now be a thing of the past. I have yet to try it abroad, but I am off to the United States in a couple of weeks so will definitely have it switched on — and will feedback the results.

The technology runs on Onavo’s seamless cloud-based compression technology, dubbed the ‘magical shrinking machine’.

It works by compressing data seamlessly in the background, allegedly without affecting the iPhone’s performance, allowing users to double or even triple their existing data plan.

The app also works just the same on home territory, allowing users to get more out of their data packages. Simply put, you can see at a glance which apps are costing you and then squeeze more out of every megabyte they download.

So, it should be relatively stress-free to browse the web, stay updated with friends on social networks, check emails and use maps if you are not Wi-Fi‘d up.

We like the sound of it and can’t wait to road test it in the States.

Versions compatible with iPad and Android devices are coming soon, say the Israel-based developers.

Here is a review of the Onavo app by Rick Broida on cnet.

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