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Music video goes all psychedelic on the iPhone 4s

Trumpeter Swan, music video, iPhone app, Phototropedelic

Psychedelia comes to the iPhone with Trumpeter Swan's new music video

The Austin-based Trumpeter Swan, aka Drew Patriz, has produced an impressive video for his new single Fools Parade on the iPhone 4S using the psychedelic app Phototropedelic.

Directed, shot and edited by Jeff Turboff, the video had to be processed in post-production as 5,016 separate stills to get the desired effect.

Sound like a lot of work, but the results are impressive. Back in the day this type of video would have cost a record company a few thousand bucks to make, but not any more.

We think it’s, well, kinda groovy, check it out for yourself.


• Source doc: Handheld Hollywood

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