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Moto X owners receive ‘Pixar’ animation embedded for free

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A still from Windy Day

Google-powered smartphone from Motorola Mobility includes interactive short film from Pixar producers

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An interactive short film designed for smartphones, made by Pixar people and pre-installed free on the new Moto X, Motorola Mobility’s Google-powered flagship phone? You’re kidding, right?

The film, called Windy Day, was delivered via a cowboy hat icon which appeared on the screen of Moto X smartphones recently. Those who poked the hat were immediately launched into a player for a new form of media from the producer of the popular children’s film Ratatouille, who has created a short movie that delivers a 360 degree virtual world, allowing the user to control the actions of a rat who is chasing his hat on a very windy day.

The interactive bit is outlined in the app’s description in the Google Play store:

Unlike a conventional film, we’ve given you control of the camera so you can explore. Every viewing is a little different. Look around – there are surprises where you least expect them. It’s fluid and natural because we adapted the controls from those used for precision planetary landings.

Wired described the experience as “one that combines computer animation and street theater with virtual reality. The phone’s screen becomes a looking-glass that peers into a stylized virtual forest.

All of this is presented with astonishingly high quality, and at times, it’s actually laugh-out-loud funny. In fact, the whole package — characterization, animation, scriptwriting, art — reaches the notoriously stratospheric level of a Pixar movie. “

Available only on the Moto X, Windy Day optimises the device’s cutting-edge hardware and software and its Adreno 320 GPU. Windy Day is able to push out real-time 3D graphics, use rendering technology from Pixar, and take advantage of all of the sensors inside Motorola’s new flagship Android phone.

“Motorola is concocting what it hopes will be much more than an odd and expensive interactive cartoon. The company has set out to build a new platform that uses contemporary technology — powerful computation, smart sensors, vivid mobile displays — to reinvent the age-old practice of narrative itself.”

• To find out more on the creative partnership check out the Wired article: Google Channels Pixar to Change Storytelling as We Know It

Check out the Moto X and the short film in this video:

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