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Indie company Majek releases own iPhone app to showcase its films

Goldilocks Iphone series

Majek Pictures edits new episode of Goldilocks on iPad2 and releases its own iPhone 4 app

Majek Pictures, producers of Apple of My Eye and the stunning Goldilocks series, both shot on iPhone 4 and iPod devices, is continuing to lead the way, not only in cutting edge filming and production techniques, but also in promoting and releasing its films.

Majek Pictures is also one of the leading contenders in next month’s iPhone Film Festival.

The small, Los Angeles-based independent company run jointly by director Michael Koerbel and writer/editor Anna Elizabeth James now has its own Majek app which features its output to date.

There are pros and cons to watching films and videos on smartphones, David Lynch is not a fan of this method and believes they should be watched on a big screen.

The Majek app works brilliantly because the content is produced specifically for this format. The Goldilocks series for example is so easy to watch, looks and sounds great on the small screen and each episode is around three minutes, perfect for watching anywhere and anytime.

The app will send you push notifications when a new episode has been released. The series itself is a gripping ‘Bourne Ultimatum on an iPhone’, about a female ex-agent forced back into service to recover top-secret information stolen by the bad guys. But she faces a dilemma – choosing between protecting the world, or saving her son.

I’m on episode five and I’m hooked. Episode nine has just been released, edited on the iPad2, what else would you expect from these exceptional film-makers, who are also exploring 3D for mobile devices.

Majek is continually pushing the boundaries for a ‘true transmedia story experience’ and in future will look at integrating games, novels and films into its output.

It is definitely one to watch.

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