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Macworld 2012: new name, fresh iOS agenda

Macworld | iWorld

Macworld, the annual Apple jamboree, is now called Macworld | iWorld

It’s that time of year when any self-respecting geek turns his or her thoughts to attending the Macworld Expo in San Francisco in January.

Well, the 2012 gathering is going to be a little bit different. There will be no Steve Jobs around this year to keep a benevolent eye on things – and the event will have a new name. After 27 years, Macworld expo is now going to be called, wait for it: Macworld|iWorld: The Ultimate iFanEvent.

Hmm, I don’t mind the first part, but what’s with ‘The Ultimate iFanEvent’ subtitle? Aren’t Apple aficionados supposed to be über cool and just a little discreet?

The rationale behind the name change is that it is supposed to reflect the growing influence of iOS devices and mobile technology rather than strictly Macintosh platforms.

“The brand is evolving from Macworld [Expo] to Macworld|iWorld to illustrate that the show is about the whole ecosystem of Apple products,” said Paul Kent, the event’s vice president and general manager. “We want a heavy influence of OS X developers on the show floor this year.”

The event will take place at its regular home, Moscone West in downtown San Francisco, although there will be break out sessions in other venues across the city in the evenings.

Music and film will also take up a huge chunk of this year’s agenda as a recognition of what Kent calls a “dynamic culture experience” taking place on iOS devices.

The Music Experience showcase will feature live performances and talks from musicians who use Apple technology in their music.

We are particularly pleased to hear about the Film Event, which will highlight the use of Apple technology in movies and TV shows.

The iPhone Film Festival will be presenting the very best of iPhone movies (more on this in another post) and Macworld|iWorld will include screenings of movies and TV programs created on the iPhone and iPad as well as talks with directors and filmmakers.

There will also be a screening of South Park’s unaired pilot episode followed by a Q&A session with the team from the long-running animated series.

Photography and digital art created on iPhones and iPads will also be on show with many artists present to talk about their work.

Of course, there will be training sessions and tech talks during the three-day jamboree and iOS app makers will once again have a strong presence with the return of the Mobile Apps Showcase.

If you are going – watch out for ‘Top Apps of All Time’ showcase.

Until 2009 Apple used Macworld as a major showcase for its latest products and Jobs personally used to attend. A shift in company policy saw Apple scale back its involvement in all trade shows, and it now uses its network of 300-plus Apple Stores around the globe to connect with Apple customers.

We are pretty certain Steve will be up there, watching – and listening — to the talks and presentations, who knows he may even approve the new name?

● Macworld|iWorld takes place January 26 — 28, 2012 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco

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