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Lost highways and little red boots in new iPhone Film Festival submissions

Canadian singer Lindi Ortega kicks off this quick round-up of latest submissions to the second iPhone Film Festival (IFF2), which takes place online this October.

Although she may not win the top prize for her iPhone 4 vids, we like her style and love the way she uses her cameraphone to shoot her own promos for her work, without any record company involvement.

Her latest, This is Lindi Ortega (above), is a vignette for her new album Little Red Boots, and, as with her last iPhone 4 movie, Angels, she once again uses the nexvio 8mm app to great effect.

Ortega: independent spirit

We also like her music — and her independent spirit; Ortega is definitely part of the new wave of artists not afraid to experiment with transmedia to get her voice heard and is definitely one to watch.

Other films in the IFF2 to watch out for:

Dreams of sailing: Not much information on this sepia-tinged entry, but we love its simple charm and it’s beautifully shot with great use of shadow and a haunting soundtrack.

What’s Better Than This, a fantasy – or love story — by Ben O’Mar Arrington Jr and set in the Bronx with a great soundtrack by Chrisstiles.

Magician Marco Tempest’ uses three iPods in a deceptive and cunning manner in iPod Magic – Deceptions

And Highway Lost is an excellent example of using extra hardwear such as a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens with EnCinema SLR Lens Adapter on the iPhone 4 and use a OWLE Bubo.

i 4 Girl is a martial arts thriller – probably a first on an iPhone 4 — exquisitely handled by directors Zak Baney & Minha Kim.

Finally, Peter Szilveszter’s unassuming In Transit is a lovely meditation on his own journey travelling by plane alone – a kind of mini Up In The Air, complete with atmospheric soundtrack by Deep Dive Corp.

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