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London riots: film-makers capture the scenes on smartphones

london riots

The police struggle to contain the violence as different parts of London goes up in flames

The UK riots and civil unrest in London and across England has dominated the news, not only in this country but all over the world.

The scenes have been horrific and frightening, especially for those of us living and working in the city.

Here we have news organisations such as The Guardian and BBC who have had journalists, photographers and camera crews reporting from the epicentres of the disturbances.

But out of such chaos art is created — and here are a couple of films of the London riots shot by smart moviemakers, providing a different take on events and reacting on a personal level to scenes they have witnessed.

Of course having an iPhone or smartphone makes it ideal to shoot in these kinds of circumstances as you can do so discreetly. I come from a journalist background and if you do go into a ‘war’ zone you have to be careful, don’t flash your gear off, there is a real danger of being attacked and robbed in such situations – the people you are filming may not take too kindly to having their photograph taken.

These two films of the London riots are taken from a distance, the first by The Film Artist who has produced several short films on London nightlife and likes to get up close.

Too Close for Comfort from The Film Artist on Vimeo.

Here’s what he says of the situation: “The London riots have spread throughout the UK and the lost generation have finally spoken. I am not sure what they are saying but I think we should all try to understand, as it is now too close for comfort arriving upon our doorstep. I am grateful to the police officers who have risked their lives in order to protect us all. This is a very different view of the London riots, shot on the 08/08/2011 night at the peak of trouble.

The second film is by Videographer Prokopi Constantinou and is a time-lapse video of the fires in Tottenham. His video includes a soundtrack by London band Dogtanion. His film is an almost majestic and serene portrait of a very violent episode in the history of London, and as things calm down I expect we shall see more films and videos of the riots as artists, like the rest of us, try to make some sense out of the madness.

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