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Latest iPad spin: 180-degree movies

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The Condition One iPad app in action

First came the tablet ‘feelie’, now we have 180-degree pannable movies for iPad. Will the latest technology give smart movie makers an edge?

A couple of month ago we highlighted how the new iPad has the ability to change our cinematic experience by allowing films to become  ‘a swipeable, interactive entity on a tablet’ — or a ‘feelie’.

While that particular development shows promise, something truly revolutionary maybe around the corner for the iPad. How about new technology that can create 180-degree pannable movies for iPad?

Award-winningwar photographer and videographer Danfung Dennis is credited with creating a new video player for the iPad and iPhone that gives users a certain amount of control over how they view a scene.

His startup, Condition One, has backing of investors such as Mark Cuban, who has put in $500,000, to develop new technology that allows full motion video to be fully explored, panned and tilted with a simple swipe of the finger across the device screen.

We have already checked out their iPad app when they featured an immersive and interactive video of Tokyo produced by the Guardian — and liked what we saw.

Don’t expect the big Hollywood studios or TV companies to embrace this new development, but it will appeal to smart movie makers looking to create a new movie experience on their tablets and phones.

“Our technology is software,” Condition One’s COO Andrew Chang told website Co.Design. “We’re allowing people to use existing cameras and lenses on the market to shoot 180 degrees in front of them. … Our software maps that to a 3-D hemisphere of data, which users can then explore through the touching or using the accelerometers and gyroscopes of the iPad/iPhone.

“Traditionally watching TV or a video has been a ‘lean back’ experience, which means people passively view a TV show or movie,” he says. “Video is becoming a ‘lean forward’ experience. … We’re pushing forward that concept by allowing viewers to change their perspective of what they’re seeing, not just passively accepting the viewpoint of the director.”

As they work on bringing the software to market, Condition One are vague on how it exactly works but it looks as though their new video player is an embeddable API that existing apps can build around.

We wait to see more, for now here is a demo video for the app:

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