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Keeping your iPhone 4 fully charged

The iPhone 4 has been on the go for over a year and for those who can’t afford an upgrade to the iPhone 5 when it is released, battery life will be an issue on our ageing smartphone.

More so if we are using the camera constantly for film-making and therefore leaching energy faster than a burst water main in the road.

And when you are on the road it’s not so easy as to put another 1¢ coin in the meter. So far we have heard of ingenious solutions to charging smartphones from solar power to charging up your smartphone at bus shelters.

The latest bright spark of an idea is charging your smartphone while you walk. A company called InStep NanoPower is developing a small device that you place in your shoe that will generate enough wattage to power your mobile device with every step.

According to its press release its technology efficiently harnesses kinetic energy and turns it into electrical current using Galinstan, a liquid metal alloy that is often used in thermometers.

‘Two small pouches are filled with a fluid that is designed using nanotechnology to generate an electrical current when compressed over and over again by the up and down motion of the foot’.

Simple! But this, along with the other solutions to phone charging, is still a long way off, so in the meantime how best to prevent your battery from sliding down into the red when you are out in the field?

A more conventional method of juicing your phone, and certainly more realistic, is to invest in a battery case for your iPhone 4.

There are a number of cases on the market that include built-in batteries for charging up your phone. Those reliable people at Macworld recently carried out a roadtest of eight of the best.

The review explains that each battery case sports a dock-connector plug that couples with the iPhone’s 30-pin dock-connector port; as a result, none let you dock your iPhone with a dock-cradle accessory – such as an iPhone speaker system – without removing the phone from the case.

The case that came out top is the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, at $100. Interestingly, the writer also tested a solar-powered charging case, which did pretty well, the only gripe was that it constantly charges the battery, even when it’s fully charged.

I guess you can’t turn off the sun!

Source doc: Macworld’s Eight iPhone 4 battery cases review

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