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Jobs’s last laugh, giant Windows smartphones, and panorama iPhones

Microsoft hope to make a big impression in the Big Apple with their new phones

Cheapshots: bits and bobs from around the web and stories you may have missed

Steve Jobs has the last laugh over Adobe

Adobe kills mobile Flash, giving Steve Jobs the last laugh

Along with many tech writers, Charles Arthur from reports that Adobe has killed off mobile Flash and will instead focus on development of HTML 5 technologies.

The reversal by Adobe – and its decision to focus on the open HTML5 platform for mobile – brings to an end a long and tumultuous row between Apple and Adobe over the usefulness of Flash on the mobile platform. The iPhone launched in 2007 without Flash capability, as did the iPad in 2010. Steve Jobs, then Apple’s chief executive, and Apple’s engineers insisted that Flash was a ”battery hog” and introduced security and stability flaws; Adobe countered that it was broadly implemented in desktop PCs and used widely on the web.

Giant Windows smartphone installed in downtown New York

Microsoft installs ‘biggest Windows Phone ever’ in NYC’s Herald Square

To promote the launch of three new Windows phones — the Samsung Focus S, Focus Flash and HTC Radar 4G - Microsoft has constructed a monstrous six-story ‘Windows Phone -  a few feet away from  Macy’s store and right in the middle of one of the city’s more popular outdoor picnic areas, reports

The gadget sure is huge, but it’s not a phone in the traditional sense — enormous tiles display video feeds transmitted from a control room, and move out of place to accommodate live stage performances

iPhone’s secret panorma mode exposed

Hidden iOS 5 Panorama Mode Revealed

Rumours are also circulating the web of a hidden panorama mode in Apple devices running  iOS 5 software. Developer @chpwn has already submitted an app to Cydia, say macrumours, to enable the panorama mode for Jailbroken iPhones.

Clearly Apple had been testing the Panorama mode as a possible feature for iOS 5, but for whatever reason it didn’t make the cut into the final release. The user interface shows that a user can capture individual photos from left to right and the software will stitch it together.

Apple did introduce a number of other new features to iOS 5′s camera app, including grid lines, pinch to zoom gestures, volume button shutter and editing features.

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