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Jazz up your movie soundtrack with music from Miles and Coltrane

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He’s the man: score some music from Miles Davis for your next video, courtesy of Rumblefish. Photo: Anthony Barboza

Online music licensing company Rumblefish signs a deal with CMG to allow its catalogue to be used in videos for a small fee

Need a cool jazz or blues soundtrack to go with your latest smart movie? Well head over to online music provider Rumblefish, who has just signed signed a licensing deal with Concord Music Group (CMG), whose back catalogue includes music from artists such as Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker and John Coltrane.

What this means, of course, is that users will now be able embed copyright-cleared soundtracks in their videos and post them on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, without fear of breaking the law or having their work removed for unauthorized music use.

According to the Oregon-based company, its catalogue now includes over one million soundtracks that users can add to their videos for a small fee.

“We’re pleased to have the iconic, talented musicians in our calalogue be part of this new, offering, which will bring greater exposure and a new revenue stream. Rumblefish has been a leader in online music licensing for many years now, and CMG is delighted to bring its artists to the table,” said Matt Kapuchinski, CMG’s creative director of licensing.

Rumblefish also signed a licensing deal with APM Music, a joint venture between EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing. In addition to content agreements, the company is also working on expanding the number of with platforms it is working with, and recently signed a partnership with Pixorial,  TNW website reports.

Earlier this year we reported that Vimeo has partnered up with SmartSound, to allow its creator-makers to add royalty-free music to their videos.

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