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iRockers: band play live gig using only iPhones

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Atomic Tom perform live with iPhones on US TV

When New York indie rockers Atomic Tom made their own music video on a subway playing on iOS devices, not only did the video go viral (over 5m hits to date) but also led to their record company finally backing the band and releasing their album.

The rest is history. Atomic Tom created their own buzz and they did it because of the iPhone.

For the video of their song Take Me Out the band claimed they had their gear stolen so went on the subway train with individual iPhones and an iTouch using separate apps for piano, drums, guitar, bass, and even a microphone app for vocals.

At the Macworld | iWorld event in San Francisco the band recreated the feat and actually played live on iPhone (surely a first) with a cameraman using an iPad2 for instant streaming to the overhead projector.

We were there to witness the performance – the audience, this is Macworld remember, were blown away by the band’s ingenuity.

Singer Luke White fessed up afterwards that Atomic Tom didn’t actually have their gear stolen, they simply needed an excuse for the video.

Nonetheless, it was a great piece of self-promotion and Atomic Tom proved to struggling musicians you don’t need record company backing to get your music out in the world. What you do need is a bit of tech savvy mixed with attitude and Atomic Tom have that in spades.

As a coda to the subway story, the band were almost arrested when they started setting up their gear – other passengers thought they were terrorists about to set off a bomb!

Atomic Tom LIVE at Macworld | iWorld 2012 is the video (below) of their gig and is being shown as part of the iPhone Film Festival 3.


• Submissions for IFF 3 close in two weeks

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